Being a dick

I did not know that it was now socially acceptable to be a dick. All my life I’ve been trying to be polite and not step on anybody’s toes but it is constant struggle as I see people being dicks all the time and be more successful then I am. For example: in social gatherings you will see your friends texting on their phone and just ignore the surrounding conversations instead of trying to mingle or people will just not tip their waiter. And many more examples that can be seen everyday and frankly I am tired of being a good person since it doesn’t bring me anything. From now on I’ll do whatever the fuck I want. I’ll keep you updated on how it works out for me.

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My god that was horrible. 

The fact that you want to have a wedding is fine with me but don t shove your life choices down my throat.  An hour in a church at 28 degrees with no air conditioning, wait 2 hours for the couple to take some pictures, eat for 2 and a half hours, each part of the meal interrupted several times by bad jokes  from the guy with the mic,  speaches, millions of speaches, and to top it off, bad music.  I mean really bad.  Shania Twain, Elton John, and folklore french canadian music.  What are you? 60?  The couple was 28 to 30.  Fuck!  It really makes me hate marriage.  You wanna have a small private ceremony with friends, have it in yourbackyard, with 10 people,  real friends, go to a restaurant and then go to a bar if you want to dance and a small café if you want to reminisce.  It won t cost you 25 grands and you wont force ppl who don t want to be there.  They had a list of over 2500 people!  Who the fuck do those people think they are? Like they have 2500 friends.  Fuck you. You re not a fuckin celebrity you arrogant piece of shit!

Also, fuck all french speakin montrealers.  Anglophones are so polite and professional but the French are so arrogant and hypocrites.  My god, they re the worst. 

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Not going in the same direction.

I was lying in bed and I was trying to showmy g/f some pictures of france, italy and ranches in the U.S and she didn t seem interested.  When I came back from my travels, all I wanted to do was leave.  We haven t talked in 3 or 4 months and I m drifting away from her more and more and I don t know what s gonna happen.  I guess we ll see…

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Perfect day

Today was the perfect day. I woke up at noon to find a package in the mail. It was the CPU I had ordered for my new computer. I played video games for a couple of hours and then went for a run for about 20 minutes to get some bagels for my breakfast . then I played some more video games for a few hours.  Spoke on the phone with my best friend for 2 hours and a half. Then I jerked off,  went for a run for  like 40 minutes but those minutes were very intense, barely stopped.I came back, took a shower,;played video games for an hour, had a vegetable juice and then went to bed.

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Holy shit, worpress for android!

I ve had a tablet for about a year now and I looked for a wordpress app and never found one but this is it.  Omg!  Finally I can blog all I want.  Thank god, I was going crazy.  I ll post my blogs for the summer as soon as I can but for now, all I can say is…I M BACK, BABY!

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I’m worried

It s 4:50 in the morning and I’m worried.

So worried that my life is sucking right ow.  Now I know I m kind of ok professionally.  I have a stable job with bosses that like me and I have a g/f who loves me but shit, I m 35, never been of of the country or the province for that matter.  I have colleagues that have been outside the country more often than I ve been to montreal ffs!  How the fuck do they get the money?  I have 3k in my bank account but I have an apartment to pay for so I can t afford an 800$ ticket plus 1k in hotel rooms to live in another country for 2 keeps.  that s fuckin insane.  where do they get that money?

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2 nouveaux colocs

J’ai maintenant 2 nouveaux colocs.  2 chatons qui proviennent d’un refuge pour chat.  J’ai passé la fds avec eux.  J’ai dû passer environ 30 minutes sur l’ordi mais mon dieu c’est tellement le fun de jouer avec eux.  Et de savoir que je fais une bonne action.  Céline et Nelson sont déjà doptés et ne font que passer 1 mois en quarantaine à mon appart.  je crois que c’est pour me préparer à recevoir un chat plus difficile.  Sérieusement, je les adopterais tout les deux.   je crois qu’ensemble ils font une très belle équipe.  Quand 1 seul chat arrive dans 1 appart, il dort parce qu’il s’emmerde.  Cux-là sont tout le temps en train de jouer ensemble.  Si j’ai le malheur de rester immobile pendant 5 minutes, ils viennent me rejoindre et veulent jouer.  J’ai pasé une très belle fds grâce à eux et ca ne fait que commencer.  Je mettrai le vidéo de Nelson qui prend un bain plus tard.  À +.

Edit:  Et voici le vidéo promis.

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